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September 25, 2017

REAL IDs Are Coming to New York State

OSWEGO COUNTY - New York State residents will soon have another option when applying for, or renewing their driver licenses. Beginning on Monday, October 30, motor vehicle offices will be able to process applications for REAL ID licenses.

"New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has been working with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to become compliant with the REAL ID Act of 2005," said Oswego County Clerk Michael Backus. "This legislation is a joint effort between states and the federal government to improve the reliability and accuracy of state-issued driver licenses and identification cards."

People will then have a choice between three types of driver licenses: enhanced (EDL), REAL ID, or standard. All options will continue to be valid for identification, driving privileges and voter registration; however, each one will have its own mark and potential other purposes.

EDLs are marked with an American flag in the lower right corner and can also be used for boarding a domestic flight, entry into a federal building or military base, and crossing the U.S. border. A REAL ID has a circled star in the upper right corner and can also be used for boarding a domestic flight, and entry into a federal building or military base. A standard driver license is marked "NOT FOR FEDERAL PURPOSES" in the upper right corner and has no additional uses.

"Drivers do not need to rush to their local motor vehicle office on October 30 because their current licenses will continue to be valid," said Oswego County Motor Vehicle Supervisor Cathy Sharkey. "We have three years before airlines and federal facilities will require either an EDL or REAL ID. This gives us the chance to introduce this new option to people gradually as they come in to apply for a new driver license or renew their existing one."

Federal facilities, military bases, and airlines will continue to accept standard licenses until October 1, 2020. At that time, people must have REAL ID-compliant identification to board domestic flights or enter federal facilities and military bases.

Backus added, "The new REAL ID license is not mandatory. In accordance with the state, we will continue to offer both standard and enhanced licenses in addition to the REAL IDs. This gives our customers the opportunity to choose the best option to fit their needs. And for those who have the EDL, it is already REAL ID-compliant."

Sharkey offered these tips for people who would like to get a REAL ID:

The cost of a standard driver license ranges from $80 to $120 for a new application, depending on the license classification and age of the applicant. The renewal rate runs from $64.50 to $164.50. There are no additional fees to apply for a REAL ID; however, to obtain an EDL, there is an added cost of $30.

For more information, visit NYSDMV at https://dmv.ny.gov/driver-license/about-federal-real-id or call one of Oswego County's motor vehicle offices. For Fulton, 315-591-9136; for Oswego, 315-349-8300; and for Pulaski, 315-298-6521.

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