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Mental Hygiene

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The Oswego County Mental Hygiene Division strives to provide an affordable, comprehensive, quality system of mental hygiene services which is responsive to consumers, their families, other agencies, the judicial system and the taxpayer. The division develops community resources, programs, and services for the mental hygiene needs of Oswego County citizens, including prevention, intervention, treatment, crisis, and support programs to assure continuity of community mental hygiene services. The office is located at 100 Spring St., Mexico. Phone 963-5361. Fax 963-5530.


  • Nicole D. Kolmsee - Director of Community Services
  • Jill Gutelius - Children's Services Coordinator
  • Catherine LiVoti-Rice - Community Services Coordinator
  • Nathan Barron - Adult Services Coordinator
  • Maria Downey - Division Support Staff
  • Susan Naugle - Division Support Staff

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Mental Hygiene Division

Adult Mental Health Care Management/ACT Referral Forms

Children's Mental Health SPOA

Resource Guide for 16-24 Year Olds Transitioning Into Adult Services

Suicide Prevention

Central Region Addiction Resource Center

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