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Brownfield Activities in Oswego County

Fulton BOA Nomination

The Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOA) Program serves as an example of how federal, state, and local governments with input from members of the community are working together to facilitate brownfield cleanup and economic revitalization in accordance with the community’s vision. In 2003, the Oswego County Department of Planning and Community Development received a $400,000 Brownfield Assessment Grant from the US EPA to: inventory, characterize, assess, and conduct planning and community involvement related to brownfield sites within a mile of the Oswego Canal. As part of this initial step, additional funding was sought to support the planning aspect of brownfield cleanup and reuse. With the consensus of the Cities of Fulton and Oswego, Oswego County submitted applications for the NYS Departments of State and Environmental Conservation Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOA) Program grants to augment the initial brownfield assessment work. Funds were granted for both applications and timing has allowed the City of Fulton to proceed with its community BOA project. The development of this webpage is one aspect of community outreach and serves as a media outlet.

The NYS BOA program is a systematic proactive approach to recycling underutilized land and is structured in three community-based planning steps: pre-nomination, nomination and implementation with the end products being a revitalization plan and implementation strategy. The program blends land use planning with remedial programs to foster redevelopment. Due to the work accomplished under the US EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant, both cities were able to proceed to Step 2: Nomination Study. The Nomination Study will: crystallize the community vision; catalyze the connection between community vision and marketplace; apply land use and market analysis to viable reuse concepts; increase predictability of redevelopment; and identify funding needs. With the Nomination Study, communities can achieve: a comprehensive assessment and analysis of existing conditions; economic/market trends analysis; identification of strategic sites and key redevelopment opportunities; key findings and recommendations for future uses and actions; outreach to property owners and developers; and a broad distribution of the vision plan. Following the Nomination Study, additional funding will be sought for Step 3: Implementation Strategy. The Implementation Strategy will provide funding for: environmental site assessments on strategic sites; definition of future land uses; SEQR compliance/ Generic Environmental Impact Statement; local management structure; and marketing.

The benefits of the BOA program are that it advances projects to the marketplace by:

  • Creating clear and realistic plan;

  • Community support/buy in;

  • Implementation strategy for revitalization;

  • Transparency of environmental conditions;

  • Increased competitiveness for state and federal grants;

  • Partnerships- state, county, local and federal agencies, community organizations, private sector;

  • Project marketing; and

  • Environmental compliance (SEQR).

In addition to the BOA program, the Cities of Fulton and Oswego have applied for and received NYS Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) investigative funding for three brownfield sites, to determine the nature and extent of contamination and remediation options leading to brownfield remediation. The BOA program will augment existing land use and comprehensive plans, local waterfront revitalization plans (LWRP) and enhance the communities competitive edge for future funding opportunities.

City of Fulton BOA Text of Nomination Study

City of Fulton BOA Maps

City of Fulton BOA Appendices

City of Fulton Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Steering Committee Minutes:

City of Fulton BOA
State Environmental Quality Review (SEQRA):

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