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Information for Terrestrial & Aquatic Invasive Species

Invasive species, whether plants or insects, are harmful to our local environment, native plants, wildlife and humans.

The attached links provide information about invasive species, types that are found in our area and what you can do about them.

For questions, concerns or to report your discoveries of terrestrials or aquatic invasives, please call Oswego County Soil & Water Conservation District at (315) 592 - 9663. Feel free to contact us for any questions about the invasive's biology, control and management.

Oswego County Soil & Water Conservation District
3105 NYS Rte. 3
Fulton NY 13069

Also included, is contact information for other local organizations that may be able to assist you further with invasive species information.

  1. What is an invasive species, how do they spread and their impact:

  2. Invasive species found in our region & control and management:

  3. The Emerald Ash Borer, killing our Ash Trees

  4. The European/Sirex Wood Wasp, It's here now.

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