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Tax Delinquent Property Auction

There will be an important Informational Meeting held Friday, July 21st from 6pm - 7pm at the Oswego High School. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions as well as pre-resgister at the informational meeting.

2017 Tax Delinquent Auction Information

When: July 22, 2017 | 10:30AM (Registration starts at 8:00AM)

Where: Oswego High School, 2 Buccaneer Boulevard, Oswego, NY, 13126

Auctioneer: Collar City Auctions Homepage | Oswego County Auction

Auction Brochure: 2017 Auction Brochure available here

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Requirements To Bid

  • Valid Government Issued Photo ID
  • Social Security Number
  • Cash, Credit, or Certified Check for payment of bid and buyer's premium
  • Must not be the prior owner, or immediate family of the prior owner, of any property offered for sale at this auction.
  • Must not have delinquent property taxes on any property owned, in part or in whole, in the County of Oswego.
  • Must not be an elected or appointed government official, or immediate family thereof, involved with the Assessment or Taxation process in any Oswego County Municipality.
  • Must not have defaulted from an Oswego County Tax Delinquent Auction within the last 5 years.

*Full terms available in the Collar City Auction Brochure (Coming Soon)*

2017 Collar City Brochure avaliable here

Questions? E-mail Collar City Auctions (Specify "Oswego County Tax Auction")

Frequently Asked Questions

How many tax foreclosures does Oswego County conduct per year?
Oswego County conducts two foreclosures per year: A 2-year tax delinquent foreclosure for vacant and commercial properties and a 4-year tax delinquent foreclosure for residential and agricultural properties. All properties foreclosed on by the County are sold together at one auction.
Is there a minimum bid and does the bidding start at the amount owned in back taxes?
There is no minimum bid. Parcels will sell at whatever the bid price reaches, even if that amount is less than what was owed in taxes.
Do I have to pay my entire bid on auction day?
You have the option of paying the entire bid price on auction day, or a down payment. All bids under $1,000 must be paid in full on auction day. Please refer to the auction booklet when it is avaliable for more information on the minimum amount required to meet the down payment.
Are there any extra fees on auction day that need to be paid?
On auction day you will need to pay the down payment on your bid, the buyer's premium, and administrative fee. The amount for each of those is outlined in the auction booklet.
What kind of title to the property does the County provide?
Title is transferred to the successful bidder by Tax Deed. We recommend prospective bidders perform their own due diligence to inspect the title to the property prior to auction day as any and all encumberances such as right-of-ways, easements, leases, federal/state tax liens, and reservations on the title may still be in effect even after the foreclosure process.
Once I own the property am I still responsible for the back taxes?
No, the auction process is what resolves the back due taxes, with some exceptions: Properties in a Village may be suject to owed village taxes, properties hooked up to municipal water may have currently owed water bills, and new owners will be subject to the School tax bill in the Fall.
Does the County perform any rehab work on the properties prior to the auction?
No, tax foreclosed properties are sold as-is, where-is, and how-is. Please refer to the Oswego County Land Bank for rehabilitated properties.
Does the County auction property in violation of codes, or landlocked parcels?
We auction every property that is foreclosed on for taxes. In many cases properties are distressed, abandoned, or in violation of local codes. Vacant land may be land-locked. We recommend prospective bidders perform their own due diligence to inspect the property prior to auction day.
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