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Counselor-In-Training Program

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A counselor in training

Our Counselor In Training (C.I.T.) Program is for 15- and 16-year-olds who are interested in learning more about how a camp works and what it is like to be a staff member. Both 15- and 16-year-olds will be required to attend the camp staff training week prior to the start of camp.

Fifteen-year-old C.I.T.'s are not paid, but they can use their 4 weeks of camp as community service hours. Sixteen-year-old C.I.T.'s stay at camp for the full 7 weeks and are awarded a monetary stipend for their time at camp.

All C.I.T.'s engage in most areas of work at camp. They stay in cabins with counselors and campers; they assist with meals, kitchen and clean up duties; and assist with leading programs and activities. It is a tremendous way to gain insight and skills, especially in working with youth and fellow staff members.

C.I.T.'s are required to apply and interview for a spot at camp. Becoming a C.I.T. at Camp Hollis does not mean a guaranteed staff position once they eligible for employment.

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