"What's Going to a Summer Camp Like?"

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A counselor and a camper enjoy Camp Hollis

Where will I stay while I’m at Camp?

Campers stay in cabins right on the main campgrounds in close proximity to the dining hall, swimming pool and sports field. The 6 girls’ cabins and 6 boys’ cabins each hold 8 campers and 2 counselors. The cabins have bathrooms with hot and cold running water, electricity and screened in windows. It’s like sharing a home in the woods with 7 buddies!

What if I miss my family while at camp?

Missing home is a very natural and common feeling while at a sleep away camp. Camp Hollis staff work with campers and parents to help form a plan for campers missing home. Although we discourage phone calls home, as it sometimes increases the feelings of missing home, we do encourage campers to write letters home. Staff will call home to talk to parents and find out what helps with bed time routines and what kinds of things the camper does to help them relax at home. We will work to help the camper feel safe and comfortable to encourage staying for the full week and experiences of camp.

Can I bring my electronics to camp?

Electronics, including cell phones, laptops, tablets, video games, music playing devices and all other electronics are NOT allowed at camp. Electronics only act as a distraction and keep campers from being able to focus on being in the moment and enjoying their camp experience.

 How’s the food?

The food is one of the most important things at Camp Hollis! Three tasty meals and a snack are provided every day of your stay. Our kitchen staff keep a nice variety of foods on the menu. Some examples are: hamburgers, hot dogs, mashed potatoes, meatball subs and the list goes on. Our staff are also well informed on how to work with food allergies and issues. We will fully work with campers and parents to make sure all of our campers are well fed and satisfied!

 What will I do at camp?

The camp day is broken down into several sections. There are meal times, activity periods, extra pool time, camp fires, all camp evening programs, early morning polar bear swims everyday... The day is packed from the time you get up until you go to bed. Campers will have the opportunity to choose their main program activities that they will attend everyday Monday through Friday. The main program activity areas include: Arts, Sports and Games, Natural Sciences, Swim Lessons and Activities, and Programs on the Low and High Elements on our Ropes/Challenge Course.


A picture of past campers

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