"What's Going to a Summer Camp Like?"

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A counselor and a camper enjoy Camp Hollis

Where Will I stay while I’m at Camp?

Campers stay in cabins right on the main campgrounds in close proximity to the dining hall, swimming pool and sports field. The 6 girls’ cabins and 6 boys’ cabins each hold 8 campers and 2 counselors. The cabins have bathrooms with hot and cold running water, electricity and screened in windows. It’s like sharing a home in the woods with 7 buddies!

What If I Miss My Family While at Camp?

Being homesick is something everybody experiences at some time in their life. Going to camp actually helps people learn to accept and understand these feelings. Your counselors at camp will help you with this – they are always there to talk to. The campers in your cabin will help you, too.* And, best of all, there’s so much to do at camp and so many new activities that pretty soon the home sickness won’t feel so bad. You’ll be having too much fun to worry about it.

*You can always write your family letters while you are at camp and they can write to you. It’s a great feeling to get a letter from someone you miss.

Can I bring my Computer to Camp? How about my Video Games?

MP3 players, computers and video game systems are fun activities but are not really a part of going to camp. Being at camp will include playing games with your new friends, exploring the woods and ponds, trying a new sport, learning some really fun campfire songs. You might be used to playing on computers or video game systems everyday but try to think of camp as a “vacation” from that. You’ll be glad to play with them once you are back home but you will have learned a whole lot of new things while you were away!

 What’s the food like?

You eat with your friends and the counselors in the dining hall. Everyone is served full meals and you are always welcome to have 2nd or 3rd helpings. The kitchen staff will make sure there is something good to eat if you can’t eat what’s on the main menu. Most campers rave about the food: the delicious pancakes, old fashion barbecue cook outs, spaghetti and meatballs and those yummy homemade desserts.


A picture of past campers

What can I do at Camp?

A typical week at camp:


Parents drop campers off at camp at 5:00p.m.


Polar bear: an optional early morning swim for the brave of heart!

Flag raising before breakfast

Cabin clean-up

A typical Day:

Activity periods throughout the day:

Arts and Crafts -  make boondoggles, nature collages, tie dye, discover your

hidden artistic talents!

Swimming – swim at the in ground pool, learn new strokes and correct diving

methods, play pool volleyball and baseball.

Sports – play tradition sports like baseball, volleyball and soccer, Learn new sports

like “Boris Becker Ball”, “Shmerltz” and other cooperative team events.

Nature – explore the camp’s trails, examine pond life, creek life and fresh water lake life.

Team Building – challenge yourself and your cabin mates on the Team Challenge course set in the heart of the camp’s woods.

Rest Period

Cabin Group Time

Free Swim: get a 2nd swim in every day!


Large group activities:

Skit nights

Camp fires

Sporting events

Friday evening:

Parents pick campers up at 4:30p.m.

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