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Participants in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program are permitted to transfer their rental assistance from one housing agency's jurisdiction to another location. Currently, Oswego County Housing is absorbing incoming ports in most cases. We must bill for VA Supportive Housing (VASH) and any vouchers issued for homelessness or domestic violence.  If you live outside Oswego County with a Section 8 Voucher, and wish to move to Oswego County, please have your current housing authority contact us.  Please be advised that a tenant cannot rent from a member of their immediate family (Parent, Grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling).

 You are eligible for portability, under the following circumstances:

  1. If you are a resident of this housing agency's jurisdiction at the time you were scheduled to receive Section 8 Assistance.
  2. You were not a resident of this housing agency's jurisdiction at the time you were scheduled to receive Section 8 Assistance, but rented an assisted unit for at least 12 months in this housing agency's jurisdiction.
  3. Neither of the above, but in some instances, if the initial housing agency and receiving housing agency are in agreement.

 If 1, 2 or 3 above describes your situation, you are eligible to transfer or "port out" to another jurisdiction.

You must notify the initial housing agency of where you want to move:

  1. Submit a request for tenancy approval and proposed lease to the receiving housing agency for approval no later than the voucher termination date.
  2. Comply with all HUD program rules regarding family obligations and receiving housing agency's administrative policies.

Obligations of Initial Housing Agency
Contact receiving housing agency to determine if it will:

  • accept the voucher and administer it on behalf of the initial housing agency.
  • issue a voucher of its own.

The initial housing agency must verify to the receiving housing agency that the family is eligible for assistance, that a certificate or voucher has been issued to the family and inform the receiving housing agency of the deadline by which the family must submit a request for lease approval.

Factors you should consider when thinking about relocation under the portability regulations:

What MAY change for you if you move?

  • Fair market rent limits - if you move outside of the county where you currently reside, the housing agency to which you are moving may have different fair market rent limits (the total rent the landlord is entitled to charge). You must abide by the fair market rent limits that apply in your new location.
  • Occupancy standards - the municipality to which you are moving may require you to find an apartment of a different bedroom size to comply with local occupancy standards.

What WILL change for you if you move?
The goal of portability is to improve the quality of your family's life. When you are thinking of moving to another area, you should evaluate how your life will improve in terms of work, school, safety and services. You should make every effort to find out what opportunities your new community can offer you to make your move a successful one.