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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add my agency or service to your directories?

How can I sign up for the Mental Hygiene Networking e-mail distribution group?

What is "OMH"?

Does the Division of Mental Hygiene provide counseling or treatment services?

How do I find mental health, substance use and developmental disabilities services in Oswego County for children and adults?

How do I access Developmental Disabilities Services in Oswego County?

What is SPOA?

What makes a child eligible to be referred to Children's SPOA?

Am I eligible for Adult SPOA services?

Do I need health insurance to access SPOA services?

Can I refer myself for SPOA services?

My adult child with a serious mental illness still lives at home. "Can you put them somewhere"?

Can I access the Supportive Housing Program through your agency?

Do I need to be enrolled in Medicaid to apply for the Mental Hygiene Transportation service?

What number do I call to schedule a ride after I am approved for the Mental Hygiene Transportation Service?

Will the Mental Hygiene Transportation Program transport a child?

Where are the prescription drop-off and collection sites located within Oswego County?

Are the Oswego County Suicide Prevention Coalition Meetings open to the public?