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DAV Transportation

The DAV Transportation Network is a service that provides free transportation for veterans to VA medical appointments. In Oswego County, transportation is provided to the Syracuse VA Medical Center and to the outpatient clinic in Oswego. There are two vans for transport. One is exclusively for transport to Syracuse, and a smaller van used for the Oswego Outpatient Clinic. Currently, the Syracuse van transports Monday through Thursday. Due to a driver shortage, the Oswego Outpatient Clinic van only transports 3-4 day per week. For many veterans, especially at the far ends of our county, this is their only means to access medical care. We work with neighboring counties on occasion to coordinate rides.
Veterans who utilize this service must be able to access the van(s) unassisted. It is NOT a medical transport. The vehicles are not capable of carrying/transporting wheelchairs or electric scooters, and only small portable oxygen. No wheeled tanks are permitted.
Veterans may call and leave a message 24 hours/day for their transport request. The request must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the appointment date. The veteran will receive a call back, usually within a 24-hour period, to confirm the details.
To request transport, call Missy Parkhurst at 315-729-7634

Our local DAV is in desperate need for new vans! 100% of your donation goes towards purchasing vehicles. The current fleet has several vehicles that are in the 200,000 plus mile range. The VA Medical Center provides the fuel and vehicle maintenance and repair, but they do not fund the purchase of new vehicles.  DAV is responsible for raising $22,000 through donations to put towards each vehicle.  Donations must be paid by check or money order made out to "Syracuse DAV Transportation" with the words "VAN SERVICE" written in the memo line. This ensures your donation reaches the right individuals. You can mail your donation to:
Syracuse VA Medical Center
800 Irving Ave.
Room A174A
Syracuse, NY 13210
DAV also has a DECAL PROGRAM where if you donate $1000 or more, a decal with your name or organization (along with similar donations) is applied to the van. If you donate the entire $22,000, your name or organization will appear alone on the van.


In Oswego County, DAV is an ALL VOLUNTEER Veteran support agency. There is a constant need for additional drivers. Due to the age of most of our volunteers, we are constantly losing some of them to their own medical issues. There is a mandatory fingerprint/background check, physical (usually annual), and orientation. All this is provided at the Syracuse VA Medical Center. If you are interested in volunteering, call Missy Parkhurst at 315-729-7634 for more information.