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Hauler Permits

Businesses and commercial haulers must complete a hauler permit application (fees associated) to establish a billing account. The price per ton varies depending on the type of hauler and type of waste.

All loads of waste entering solid waste facilities must be covered.

All waste generated in Oswego County must be disposed of at Oswego County facilities.  

Minor Hauler
  • Minor hauler is defined as any person who collects and/or transports solid waste generated within the county as a result of their own business.
  • Minor haulers cannot use a residential sticker to dispose of waste.
  • Minor haulers are usually landlords, small retail businesses, and construction firms.
  • Businesses that do not generate large amounts of waste may weigh and pay at time of disposal  instead of obtaining a permit.
  • Minor haulers use the transfer stations, materials recovery facility, and energy recovery facility for waste disposal.
  • Energy recovery facility access is by approval only and a proximity card is required .

Major Hauler

  • Major hauler is defined as any person who collects waste generated within Oswego County as a commercial endeavor and any person who collects from multiple locations and/or transports solid waste in significant quantity on a daily or weekly basis; and/or transports waste to a county solid waste facility that requires special handling.
  • Major haulers use the Bristol Hill Landfill, energy recovery facility (proximity card required), and material recovery facility for waste disposal.
  • Special waste must be pre-approved before being accepted.