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Trash Disposal

Residents may use transfer stations for trash disposal.
The options available for residents are as follows:
You may also contact a private hauler for curb side pickup, or check with your local municipality (city, town, village) to see if they provide municipal pickup.

Keep in mind that haulers do not pick up furniture, appliances, used motor oil, electronics, household batteries, or household hazardous waste. These items (except household hazardous waste) may be delivered to transfer stations during regular transfer station hours. 
If bringing boats to the Transfer Stations they must be cut up into 3 ft. pieces.  If boats are whole they must be brought to Bristol Hill and put on the landfill. The engine, gas, oil, and septic waste must be removed before disposal.  All hot tubs must be cut into quarters or they will not be accepted.
Household hazardous waste is only accepted May through September at Bristol Hill.

All loads of solid waste entering facilities must be covered.

Payment Options
Cash or check: Make checks payable to Oswego County Solid Waste, $20 return check fee

Credit card: From $5.00 - $42.00 there will be a $1.00 fee. From $43.00 and up there will be a 2.35% fee.

For Information about Business/Hauler Permits click here.