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Resources & Educational Projects

We have compiled a list of resources for a range of topics on this page. 
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Earth Day Observance and Project Ideas:

Planting and Maintenance of Trees: Maintaining and planting trees improves ground cover and stops erosion. They provide food and shelter for all species. Trees act as a natural filter removing greenhouse gases from the air and in exchange provide Oxygen to our atmosphere. A tree can filter 50 pounds of pollutants. For your own home, whether shade, fruit or ornamental, plant trees where space is available. Assist with your local township or groups that are involved with planting and maintenance of trees.

Rain Gardens & Habitat Gardens: Preventing the pollution of rivers, streams and lakes is beneficial to us environmentally but they also can also be beautiful. Rain Gardens are specifically designed to use flowers and vegetation that are designed to absorb rain water runoff from roofs, patios, roads and driveways. These flowers and plants are native to our area and are able to tolerate flooding and wet soil conditions, sun and shade. Rain Gardens can be designed for home or community areas being both beneficial and beautiful.
Habitat Gardens are designed to use native plants, bringing beauty to our homes and communities but also stewardship for our environment by nurturing birds, butterflies and bees. Native plants help with maintaining the balance of nature in our climate zone. One example is the Monarch Garden, helping support the butterfly’s life cycle.

Home Energy Conservation and Being Green: When you are energy conscious, you are being helpful to our environment but you are also saving yourself money. You are making your home easier to heat and cool and saving on water bills using water saving fixtures. By using Energy Star rated appliances, fixtures windows and insulation, rebates and tax deductions can be received through NYSERDA.
When you conserve energy you are being Green and saving some green. Here are some easy things you can do.

  1. Use energy efficient lights. Use dimmers and turn off lights and TV/sound sets when not used.
  2. Change your heating and cooling settings.
  3. Seal up the cracks and gaps that let heat escape out.
  4. Use no-VOC and low VOC primers, paints, sealants and carpets.
  5. Make sure you fix all drips from your faucets.
  6. Recycle, separating the paper and glass from the non-recyclables.
  7. Evaluate your driving habits. Keep up car maintenance.
  8. Consider using Green power. You have a choice in selecting your power. (see last hyperlink for NYS Public Service Commission)

Solar, Wind and Geothermal Power: Solar and wind power are becoming increasingly popular for the residential home owner. Geothermal or commonly known as heat pumps (heat or cooling is extracted from the ground or water.) are making a comeback. More efficient designs, and government incentives have helped make this possible. Even with Oswego's location and weather, solar power for domestic hot water and electricity is a real possibility. Small wind turbines are available for the home owner that will perform well in Oswego. In clarification, each home site has to be individually analyzed, taking into consideration it's location relative to the sun, trees, available ground space, other homes and zoning. NYSERDA's (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) website has information for solar, wind generation, and geothermal heating and cooling.

Plants for Healthy Indoor Air Quality: The following links have information about regular household plants filtering and removing indoor air pollutants in homes.

Corn Gluten as a natural herbicide/fertilizer for the home owner: Research at Iowa State University has found that a byproduct of corn milling, Corn gluten Meal, acts as a very effective fertilizer on lawns and gardens. If applied early enough in the season the corn gluten also as a pre-emergent weed inhibitor. It should be noted that the corn gluten is non-selective with it's pre-emergent capabilities. Locally corn gluten can be found through Agway products and Blue Seal. Other organic fertilizers that can be found are products made up of fish meal, chicken waste and other natural plant and food byproducts.

Disclaimer:  Neither the County of Oswego government nor its employees or contractors, the Oswego County Environmental Management Council makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process presented on the website links listed on these pages.
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