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Public Transportation and Mobility Programs


Oswego County is committed to supporting the use of public transportation throughout Oswego County. In 1997 Oswego County adopted the Oswego County Comprehensive Plan. There are ten components of this plan. One of them is the Transportation element. This section includes information about all modes of transportation. Within this section public transportation is discussed. The plan identifies the providers and the types of services offered. Oswego County is aware of the importance of public transportation for residents that do not have access to a personal vehicle.

Oswego County has supported public transportation through the STOA (New York State Operating Assistance program) and/or Section 18 capital assistance since 1986. Although Oswego County has supported the local public transportation system by assisting OCO in securing and overseeing of the use of NYS transportation funding, the County has relied on the expertise of Oswego County Opportunities and CENTRO to operate and coordinate public transportation system

Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Plan (Adopted 2007, updated 2017)
View or download the document here.

Transportation Advisory Commission
The TACC reports to the Oswego County Legislature's Economic Development and Planning Committee

Oswego County Coordinated Plan
View or download the document here.
Transportation Plan Resolution
View or download the document here.

Transportation Providers