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PLAN_FOR_EMRGENCYSevere weather can happen at any time, anywhere in Oswego County. High wind and severe thunderstorms, flooding, flash flooding, and heavy winter storms have resulted in local declarations of emergencies while first responders, highway crews and others deal with hazardous conditions. Other hazards include severe heat, fires, and chemical accidents. 

To make sure you are always prepared, develop an emergency plan with tips from

Local officials will inform radio and television news departments about the emergency, what emergency response personnel are doing, and whether area residents should take action to protect themselves.

Weather emergency information will be broadcast by the National Weather Service over NOAA Weather Radio. Weather safety tips are available from the National Weather Service.

DO NOT USE THE TELEPHONE EXCEPT IN LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCIES. Tying up the phone lines may prevent emergency response personnel from getting through.

Declaration of State of Emergency
If the disaster is beyond the scope of local municipalities' ability to mitigate the damage quickly, the Chair of the Oswego County Legislature may declare a countywide State of Emergency according to New York State Executive Law. Local municipalities may declare local States of Emergency.

A countywide State of Emergency means people living in, working in, or traveling through Oswego County should be very aware of local conditions, weather or otherwise, and use caution. Hazardous conditions are occurring somewhere within the county and county government and agencies are doing all they can to maintain or restore essential services to the area affected. The State of Emergency declaration places NO RESTRICTIONS on driving in the county or area affected or any other activities. If restrictions are necessary, they will be imposed and announced separately from the State of Emergency declaration.

During a State of Emergency, people should follow emergency news announced or published by area media and posted on the Oswego County web site.

Information about the emergency will be available via local news media. If the emergency requires action from the public, the Oswego County E-911 Center may notify people through HyperReach.

Emergency Alert System (EAS)

If the emergency warrants, Oswego County officials may activate the Oswego County Emergency Alert System (EAS). Important emergency information will be aired over the following radio and television stations as well as NOAA WeatherRadio within a few minutes after officials request activation:

  • WSYR - AM 570 kHz, Syracuse
  • WHEN - AM 620 kHz, Liverpool
  • WYYY - FM 94.5 MHz, Syracuse
  • WBBS - FM 104.7 MHz, Syracuse
  • WWHT - FM 107.9 MHz, Liverpool
  • WSTM - TV Channel 3, Syracuse

EAS messages may also be aired by these stations:

  • WNYO - FM 88.9 MHz, SUNY Oswego
  • WRVO - FM 89.9 MHz, Oswego
  • WTVH - TV Channel 5, Syracuse
  • WSYR - TV Channel 9, East Syracuse
  • WNYS - TV Channel 43, Syracuse
  • WSYT - TV Channel 68, Syracuse
  • Spectrum Cable

Questions about Oswego County Emergency Management?