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Court Security

The Oswego County Sheriff's Office provides protection to the employees and citizens of Oswego County through an established Court Security Unit, with details stationed at the Public Safety Building, the Oswego County Court House, the Department of Social Services.

Under the guidelines of the New York State Unified Court System, the Oswego County Sheriff's Office has established a Court Security Unit designed to provide protection to the courts throughout Oswego County. As you enter the Public Safety Building and the Court House you can expect to walk through magnetometer designed to detect metals and sharp objects, (i.e. firearms and knives, or other objects that can be used as weapons).

To avoid delays in entering the buildings and to insure your entry is processed efficiently, please use the following guidelines before entering:

  • Weapons or items that may be used as a weapon are not allowed into the buildings and will be confiscated. Be advised that even a pocketknife on your person or attached to a key chain will slow your entry. It is in your best interest to leave these items home.
  • Knitting needles will not be allowed into the building. You will be asked to return them to your vehicle as the security deputies are not allowed to hold them for you.
  • Purses, briefcases, and bags will be subject to search either by x-ray or by hand.
  • Foot apparel often contain either steel toes or metal shanks which may be detected by the magnetometer. Be prepared to remove your shoes or boots if necessary.
  • Clothing such as belts with big buckles and metal all around them will also set off the metal detectors. Do not wear such items to minimize the security process.
  • Audio and video recording equipment is not allowed in courtrooms (including cell phones that are capable of taking pictures).

Lastly, remember that when leaving the building you will be subject to an entire search when re-entering.

The Court Security Unit has been established to ensure your safety as well as the safety of Oswego County employees. In following the above guidelines, Sheriff Hilton ensures your entry into the county buildings will be a pleasant one.


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