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Patrol Division

After extensive meetings with the majority of the sheriffs of New York State, we have released our position as to the NYS SAFE ACT proposed by Gov. Cuomo. This is a position which encompassed much debate to form what we feel is a concerted belief to protect the lives of our children and our citizens as well as to protect the rights of legitimate and honest gun owners.

Sheriff's Response to the NY SAFE Act

Road Patrol

This division is staffed by the uniformed members of the department who provide the daily law enforcement function and initiate the preliminary investigations which are the base for all activity of the department.

This division is supported by other divisions and units of the Sheriff's Office to provide the most efficient and effective method of service to the residents of Oswego County. The personnel assigned to this division provide services beyond those strictly related to criminal and vehicle and traffic law enforcement. Members are constantly performing community service functions as they patrol the 968 square miles of the county.

Some of the functions that are provided include but are not limited to:
  • Informational talks on numerous topics to public groups and organizations throughout the county on numerous police-related topics.
  • Law enforcement patrols maintain security at the Oswego County Fair, firemen's field days, and other public events.

Marine and Snowmobile Unit

The members of this unit patrol the seasonal recreation areas of the county, from inboard/outboard vessels on Lake Ontario and Oneida Lake, to smaller patrol boats on various lakes, rivers and reservoirs. They respond to incidents and complaints throughout the county.

During winter months, the deputies patrol the miles of improved snowmobile trails and assist at numerous organized events. Additionally, members with NYS certification conduct several boater safety and snowmobile safety courses annually at various locations around the county.

Emergency Services Unit

This unit is comprised of patrol officer volunteers who provide special skills necessary during hostage situations, extended searches for crime suspects, civil disturbances, and high risk drug and arrest situations. Members receive intensive training in these and other specialized areas through a continuous training program which utilizes the resources of the in-house expertise.

In addition to providing SWAT services to the county, the unit acts as the primary radiological field team for the Oswego County Emergency Management Office.

Accident Investigation Technicians

This unit provides expertise in the area of motor vehicle accident investigation. The members of this unit have received advanced training from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services in the methods used to determine the cause of serious property damage and personal injury accidents.


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