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Inspector FAQ

What is an Election Inspector?
Election inspectors are registered voters trained by the Board of Elections to help run elections in accordance with state and federal law.

What is the difference between an election inspector and a poll worker?
Nothing.  "Election Inspector" is the legal term for poll workers.

Am I eligible to become an election inspector?
Find out about eligibility requirements here.

Can I be an election inspector if I am not a Democrat or Republican?
No.  New York State law requires that every election district be staffed by inspectors registered in each of the two largest political parties.  

Are election inspectors paid?
Yes.  Inspectors are compensated for every election they work as well as for mandatory training.  For more information about pay, click here.

Where will I work?
Whenever possible, election inspectors are assigned to their home poll site, but the Board of Elections reserves the right to assign inspectors to other locations based on staffing needs.  The board honors as many site requests as possible.

If I am assigned to a poll site not in my home district, how do I vote?
Inspectors working away from their home district on election day have the option to vote either by submitting a 'Special Ballot' through the mail or in person at the Board of Elections, or during early voting hours, also at the Board of Elections.

What hours do election inspectors work?
New York State elections run from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m.  Inspectors are expected to arrive one hour before the polls open (at 5 a.m.) and remain until the site work is finished and materials are packed (usually between 9:30 - 10 p.m.)

Can I be an election inspector if I cannot work the whole day?
Oswego County does not employ election inspectors for partial shifts.

Will I be able to work during an upcoming election if I have not been trained?
The Board of Elections may hire untrained election inspectors on an as needed basis, provided these inspectors complete mandatory training at one of the next scheduled training sessions.  Individuals who have previously worked untrained and who do not attend a training session will be ineligible to work future elections. 

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