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List of Candidates for the General Election Nov. 7, 2023

2023 Petition Filings
Commissioner Rulings on all challenges to independent petitions, announced during the June 12, 2023 hearing, can be found HERE.

Designating Petitions 2023
Monday April 3, 2023
Tuesday April 4, 2023
Wednesday April 5, 2023
Thursday April 6, 2023
Friday April 7, 2023
Monday April 10, 2023
Independent Petitions 2023
Tuesday May 23, 2023
Wednesday May 24, 2023
Thursday May 25, 2023
Friday May 26, 2023
Monday May 30, 2023

Absentee Ballot Tracking
NYS voters may now check the status of their absentee ballot online, information updated at the close of each business day.  Click here.

New Absentee Ballot Procedure
Due to a recent change in law, New York State voters are no longer permitted to cast a ballot on a voting machine if they have already been issued an absentee ballot for that election.  Voters who have already been issued an absentee ballot can still vote in person using an affidavit ballot.  The affidavit ballot will be kept separate until the election is completed.  Election officials will verify whether the voter's absentee ballot has been received.  If the voter's absentee ballot has been received, the affidavit ballot will not be counted.  If the voter's absentee ballot has not been received, the affidavit ballot will be counted.

If a voter requests a second absentee ballot, any previously issued absentee ballot that is returned by the voter will be set aside unopened to provide the voter a chance to return the second ballot, unless the first ballot has already been opened.  If both ballots are received before the return deadline, the ballot with the later postmark date is accepted and any other ballots that have been received are rejected, unless the first ballot has already been opened.  If a voter submits more than one timely absentee ballot and cast an affidavit ballot, the last received ballot, either submitted in person during the election or by mail within the absentee return deadline, will be canvassed.  

Notice to Designating Petition Filers For Congress, Senate and Assembly

The March 31, 2022 order of the State Supreme Court Order (Harkenrider v Hochul, Sup. Ct. Steuben County Index No. E2022-0116cv Doc# 243) which declared the 2022 Congressional, Senate and Assembly lines unconstitutional has been STAYED pending appeal.

This means that the filing period for designating petitions will remain April 4 to April 7 and all other deadlines provided for by law are still in effect pending further court determinations. All designating petitions must be filed during that time period.  

Redistricting Changes
Every ten years, the United States redraws political district lines to reflect changes in various state populations as reflected by the most recent census.  As a result, some of your state and federal representatives may have changed.  To see who your current representatives are, you can search by your  residential address here.  You may view how congressional lines have shifted by clicking here.

Become a Poll Worker!
Poll Worker training begins in June and runs through mid-September, if you are a registered Democrat or Republican and would like to become a Poll Worker, you can go here for more information.

Early Voting 
Find out how to cast your ballot early here.

New Voter Information Resource
Oswego County voters may now look up their Election Day poll site as well as their elected representatives online.  For more information, click here.

Party Designation Changes, 2021
Due to a change in New York State law, political parties must receive either 130,000 votes or 2% of the overall vote (whichever is higher) in order to retain official party status.  This status updates after every Presidential and Gubernatorial Election Year (every two years).  As a result, following the 2020 General Election, four parties will receive ballot access for 2021 & 2022.
     Working Families Party
Voters registered in any of the now disqualified parties were mailed notification of the change and provided a voter registration form to select a new party designation (if they so choose).  Voters who do not wish to register in one of the Qualified Parties will be ineligible to vote in any primary contests.

NOTE:  all voters are still eligible to vote in the November General Election.     

Early Voting
Early Voting, not to be confused with voting absentee, provides an opportunity for voters to cast their ballots on a voting machine.  Machine tallies are included in the Election Night results (which are not official), whereas Absentee Ballots are counted one week following Election Day.  Early Voting begins ten days prior to Election Day at a variety of dates and times.  For a full schedule of Early Voting days and hours, click here

The Use of Sharpie Markers

“The State Board of Elections would like to advise all voters, the voting machine/scanner will accept and count a ballot marked by any pen, marker or pencil, blue or black ink, ball point, felt-tip or “sharpie”.  If you have any questions, please contact the State Board of Elections at 518-474-953 or email”

Election Day
All poll sites in Oswego County will be open on Election Day for those wishing to vote in-person on the day.