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Who is Eligible

To be accepted to participate in Oswego County’s Drug Treatment Court, the defendant must be over the age of 16 and meet these criteria:

  • Be charged with a nonviolent felony or misdemeanor, or have a violation of probation;
  • Have no prior convictions for a violent offense;
  • Have a drug abuse problem; and
  • Be approved by the Drug Treatment Court screening committee.

Enrollment Procedures:

  1. The defendant pleads guilty to a criminal charge and signs a contract agreeing to the rules of the program.
  2. The contract specifies the sentence which will be imposed if the defendant doesn't complete the program.
  3. The original plea will be reduced or dismissed when the defendant successfully completes the program.
  4. If the defendant is terminated from the program, the original plea remains in effect, and the previously agreed upon sentence is imposed.

What to expect:

Intensive Judicial Supervision
Program participants appear before the County Court Judge on a regular basis to review their progress.

Drug Treatment Program
All program participants undergo a substance abuse evaluation and engage in a drug treatment program for at least a year.

Drug Testing
All program participants are randomly tested for drugs to verify abstinence.

Graduated Sanctions and Incentives
A system of rewards and punishments is used by the Judge in response to the participant’s progress and behavior in the program.

Reduction or Dismissal of Original Criminal Charges
Upon successful completion of the Drug Treatment Court Program, the original criminal charges will either be reduced or dismissed.

Questions about Oswego County Drug Treatment Court?