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Map Check Request

Please use the form below to request a review of your parcel on the tax map. You will see the changes, if any, on the online Parcel Viewer (updated monthly). Please allow 4-6 weeks for review. You will not receive a message of confirmation if the map is changed. Any changes to the tax map are shared with the local assessor.

Map Check Form

Property Identification

The following information can be found on a recent county or school tax bill or online at the Real Property Database. Fields with a * are required.

Request Type

I believe the following is incorrect on my tax parcel (check all that apply):

Supporting Documentation

If you are aware of supporting documentation on file with the County Clerk's office that supports your claim, please indicate so below. If you have unfiled documents that might assist in the mapping of your property, you may attach them, but be aware that we are not obligated to use any unfiled documents when determining parcel boundaries on the tax map and that filed documents will always trump unfiled documents. Attaching a document through this form does not mean that you have now filed that document with Oswego County.

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