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GIS and Tax Mapping

What is a GIS?
GIS is an acronym for "Geographic Information System" and can be used to refer to any system that utilizes geography with other related data in order to better record, track, visualize, or interpret geographic data. For governments these data sets and GIS solutions could range across a wide array of departments such as:

  • Board of Elections: Election districts and location of registered voters;
  • Emergency Preparedness: Nuclear power plant evacuation planning, FEMA integrations, flood notifications, radiological field monitoring;
  • Fire Coordinator: Fire incident reporting, hazardous material databases, dispatching support;
  • Health and Human Services: case management, welfare analysis, neighborhood based intiative, landfill monitoring, water & sewer system oversight, rabies mapping, subdivision plan review, health monitoring;
  • Planning: water resource planning, water quality protection, comprehensive plan support, farmland protection support, shoreline elevation monitoring, 239 review, recreational mapping;
  • Public Safety: E-911 CAD systems, address management, law and fire zone districting, case management;
  • Real Property Tax Services: tax mapping, local assessment administration support, equalization and valuation trending analysis, administrative and school district boundary management.

Additional Agencies Utilizing GIS
Oswego County Planning
Oswego County Soil and Water