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Tax Data and Reports

Oswego County Data Tables

Notice: clicking the link above will take you to New York State's "MuniPro" website which contains various data tables for all counties within NYS. Some useful information available on MuniPro includes:

  • RAR Information: The Residential Assessment Ratio (RAR) is a measurement of assessed values for one-, two-, and three-family homes within a municipality. If you divide the assessed value of a home by its sales price the result is an assessment ratio for that sale. Each year, New York State computes an assessment ratio for every sale of residential homes within each municipality and sorts those ratios from least to greatest. The median ratio is selected as the overall RAR for the municipality.
  • Current Equalization Information: including both Levels of Assessment (LOA) and State Equalization Rates
    • The LOA is the locally stated percentage of full market value at which properties in that municipality are assessed. New York State law requires all real property to be assessed at a uniform percentage of value, and full-market value is used as the measuring tool for this purpose. A LOA of 100% means properties are being assessed the same as their full-market value.
    • State Equalization Rates are calculated by New York State annually for every municipality. This ratio is used to maintain equity in the apportionment of taxes when the taxing jurisdiction crosses municipal lines, such as for county or school taxes. The ratio is calculated by taking the total assessed value of the municipality, as determined by the local assessor, and dividing it by New York State's estimate of full market value.