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Tax Records

The following list contains information on the online availability of tax records, including payment information. All property in Oswego County will receive a minimum of two property tax bills per year: a county/town tax bill in January and a school tax bill in the fall. Properties in the City of Oswego will receive an additional city tax bill in the Spring. Properties in a village will receive an additional tax bill in the spring. All taxes are collected locally by the local town/city/school/village tax collector first and at the expiration of the collection period they are returned to the County Treasurer for collection (except taxes in the City of Fulton). For property taxes within the City of Fulton please contact the Fulton City Chamberlain.

County and Town Taxes

MunicipalityTax Records Online?Pay Online?
City of Fulton No No
City of Oswego No No
Albion No No
Amboy Yes Yes
Boylston No No
Constantia No No
Granby No No
Hannibal Yes Yes
Hastings No No
Mexico Yes Yes
Minetto Yes Yes
New Haven No No
Orwell Yes Yes
Oswego Town Yes Yes
Palermo No No
Parish No No
Redfield No No
Richland Yes Yes
Sandy Creek Yes No
Schroeppel Yes No
Scriba Yes No
Volney Yes Yes
West Monroe No No
Williamstown No No

City Taxes

MunicipalityTax Records Online?Pay Online?
City of Fulton No No
City of Oswego No No

Village Taxes

MunicipalityTax Records Online?Pay Online?
Central Square No No
Cleveland Yes Yes
Hannibal No No
Lacona Yes Yes
Mexico No No
Parish No No
Phoenix No No
Pulaski No No
Sandy Creek Yes Yes

School Taxes

DistrictTax Records Online?Pay Online?
Altmar-Parish-Williamstown (APW) Yes No
Central Square Yes No
Fulton City Yes No
Hannibal Yes No
Mexico Yes No
Oswego Yes Yes
Pulaski Yes No
Sandy Creek Yes No
Cato-Meridian Yes No
South Jefferson Yes No
Phoenix Yes No