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Online Assessment Records

Assessment records for Cities, Towns, and Villages in Oswego County are hosted online via SDG's Image Mate Online service, also known as the Real Property Database. This website provides the public with easy access to real property information, tax maps, and photographic imagery derived from the local Assessor's RPS file. There is no login requirement and all information is available free of charge, simply click for public access to begin.
Helpful Tips

  • Please keep in mind that at all times the information presented on the Real Property Database is for Assessment purposes only and may not be suitable for legal, engineering, surveying, real estate sale, planning, or any other purpose. At no time should you act, or refrain from acting, solely based on the information found online without independently verifying the source it was derived from (the local assessment roll).
  • When searching for properties on the database less is sometimes more.  You'll have the best results if you search by Tax Map ID Number, Owner name, OR Address and not a combination of the three.
  • When searching by street name: for County Routes use "co rt" followed by the number, for State Routes use "st rt", for US Routes use "us rt". When searching by street names with directions (East, West, North, South), type in the direction letter (E,W,N,S) first, followed by the street name; EXAMPLE: East Tenth Street would be typed as "E Tenth St". Suffixes are always abbreviated (Street is St, Avenue is Ave, Road is Rd, etc).
  • If you encounter any errors or omissions on the assessment data, including incorrect photographs or building and improvement inventory, please bring those to the attention of your local assessor.
Available Information

The default screen after finding a parcel via a search is the Property Data screen. This page will display the current property details such as the 911 Address, property classification (for assessment), school district, lot size, deed reference, and property assessment. If the assessor has a photograph of the property on file it will be displayed in the top right. This information comes from the local assessment roll, and while accurate for that limited purpose it is informational only.

On the left hand side are several labeled buttons that link to more information including:

Property Detail Screenshot
  • Owner/Sales: will display recent sales and the owner of record for the property.
  • Inventory: if the property is improved with a residential or commercial structure this page will display the information that was collected on it, including square footage and number of rooms.
  • Improvements: If the property has other improvements (such as decks, garage, shed, or other out buildings) those will be found here.
  • Tax Info: This button will take you to the available tax information on the property. (see below for more details)
  • Report: This button will generate a consolidated report of the property containing all available assessment data.
  • Comparables: This button will bring you to a section to perform a simple comparables search to find similar properties. (see below for more details)
  • Create RP5217 Form: using the downloadable RP5217 Editor program you may create an RP-5217 form that conforms to New York States specifications for real estate transfers.
  • Site Selection: If the property contains more than 1 "site" this section will display and allow you to cycle through the sites and update the displayed data accordingly. This will not display if there is only 1 site on the property.

On the right you will find more information concerning the geographic characteristics of the property. Underneath the photo you will find the following options:

  • Pictometry Connect: Every few years, Oswego County has contracted to obtain aerial flyover photography of the entire County. This button will open a new window to display all available imagery from this service.
  • View Tax Map: this will open a PDF copy of the tax map section this property is located on.
  • Pin Property on GIS Map: this link will take you to the same coordinates as this property on Oswego County's GIS Parcel Viewer.
  • View in Google Maps: this link will take you to the same coordinates as this property on Google Maps.
  • View in Bing Maps: this link will take you to the same coordinates as this property on Bing Maps.
Tax Information

There are currently three sources of property tax records available online via the Real Property Database: historical tax data, historical tax bills copies, and payment status data.

  • When clicking on Tax Info from the main property page you will be shown historical tax data derived from the data files that were used to print annual property and school tax bills. The amounts shown on this page do not include any interest, penalties, or delinquency information. They are not current amounts that are due, nor are they receipts that the taxes were paid.
  • Similarly, clicking on the button labeled  "View Tax Bills" on the left will take you to historic copies of available property tax bills. These records are not updated if changes or corrections were made to bills after they were mailed.
  • If you need to obtain a receipt for taxes paid you will need to contact your local tax collector or the County Treasurer depending on who you paid the taxes to.
  • The County Treasurer and some municipalities have linked their tax collection and payment information with the Real Property Database. This information is available via the button labeled "Payment Status" and will display any taxes currently unpaid or payment information if it is available. Most local municipalities do not have their information linked with the Real Property Database, but that information may be available online elsewhere.
Payment Information Page
Comparables Tool
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