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Paying Property Taxes

In Oswego County there are 4 property tax bills you may receive throughout the year:

  • County/Town Tax Bill: Every property will receive this bill in January.
  • City Tax Bill: Properties in the City of Oswego will receive this bill in April.
  • Village Tax Bill: Properties in the Village of Phoenix will receive this bill in March, all other villages send their bills in June.
  • School Tax Bill: Properties in the Oswego City School District will receive this bill in October, all other school districts receive this bill in September.

All property taxes are collected by local tax collectors when they are first issued. Tax collection periods vary between each tax bill, but all taxes are due within 30 days without penalty.
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Delinquent Taxes
For every property tax bill, except for properties within the City of Fulton, the County Treasurer is the enforcing agent for delinquent taxes (The City of Fulton performs their own tax enforcement). Every property tax bill has a Warrant period for its collection and at the expiration of the Warrant any unpaid taxes are returned to the County Treasurer for collection or re-levy. County/Town and Oswego City bills are returned for collection until paid, while Village and School bills are returned for re-levy onto the next County tax bill in January.

If you owe unpaid delinquent taxes you can find the amount due by searching your property on the Real Property Database (after searching for a property follow the links for Tax Info -> Payment Status). You may also check if your municipality or school has payment records online to see if the taxes were paid or not. You may also contact the County Treasurer's office for further information, including setting up a payment plan for unpaid taxes.
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Local Tax Collection
Local tax collectors issue and collect property taxes during the first collection period (before being returned to the County). Search for your property in the app below to view more tax collection details such as where and when to pay and how to pay in person.

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