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Subdivision Maps

Note: these instructions are also available for download.

Whenever real property is subdivided for sale, development, or transfer of ownership, an original map of the subdivided property must be filed with the office of the County Clerk. A copy of the map must be filed with the department of Real Property Tax Services before any such sale, development, or transfer of ownership.

To file a subdivision map, you will need the following:

  • A paper copy of the survey map showing the subdivided property, to be filed with the Real Property Office.
  • An original mylar copy of the map, to be filed with the County Clerk, with surveyor's seal and signature of final approval from the City, Village, or Town Planning Board endorsed upon the map (if the subdivided property is located in a Municipality that has such requirements - please check with your City, Village, or Town Planning Board).
  • A 10-year tax search certificate, to be filed with the County Clerk, obtained from a title or abstract company, showing that taxes have been paid on the parcel.

Failure to meet the above requirements will result in the map being rejected.

Maps filed with the Real Property Tax Service are subject to the following fees:

1-3 Lots $25
4-9 Lots $50
10+ Lots $100

Upon filing the map with the Real Property Tax Service and paying the filing fee, you will receive a certificate which will be filed along with the original map at the County Clerk’s office.

Maps are to be presented to our office, located on the second floor of the County Legislative Office Building, 46 E. Bridge St., Oswego. Filing fees may be paid with cash or check. Checks may be made out to Oswego County Real Property Tax Service.

You are encouraged to contact the County Clerk at 315-349-8621 for further information on filing the original map with their office.

Local zoning and planning boards may not define a subdivision the same as other agencies.

Our department defines a subdivision as the division of any parcel into two or more lots, blocks or sites, with or without streets or highways, or any survey map that:

  • Creates new parcels, including “proposed parcels"
  • Alters existing parcel subdivisions
  • Abandons existing subdivisions

Our department defines a parcel as a contiguous land area under a single fee ownership as far as may be practicable, used or intended for use as a single piece.

For tax enforcement purposes, we must create new parcels whenever a subdivision map has been filed, regardless if it received local zoning or planning approval.

Lot Calculation

The number of lots used to calculated the fee above are the total lots depicted on the map being filed.

  • For original maps, it is the total number of parcels that are created and will be assigned new tax map number (including the parent parcel).
  • For alterations, it is the total number of parcels being changed or altered on the map (ex. If the existing subdivision on file had 12 lots, but only two are being changed by the new map, you will pay $25 for the fee).
  • For abandonments, it is the total number of existing subdivided parcels being abandoned.

We reserve the right to charge a fee for anything that requires a change to the tax map.

New lots created from subdivisions will be assigned tax map numbers in a logical fashion, typically as sublots to the parent parcel and the sublots reflecting the survey lots as close as may be practicable. However, no number assigned becomes official until the filing of the next year’s Assessment Roll. Ownership of the new lots will reflect the owner of the parent parcel until transferred.

Updated. 04/2018