Oswego County Applying for Federal Financial Assistance to Provide Public Transportation Service

Public notice is hereby made that Oswego County is applying for federal financial assistance to provide public transportation service in Oswego County. These services include: fixed-route bus service; to connect bus passengers to and from the nearest bus stop; and mobility management to help improve transportation options in the county.

Public notice is further made that Oswego County is also applying for federal financial assistance to purchase buses, shelters and vehicles that will be used for its fixed-route bus service and First Mile Last Mile in the county. The county’s fixed routes run every day of the week. All other routes in the county run Monday thru Friday during business hours. A complete list of routes and schedules is available on the county’s public transit web site at https://www.oco.org/transportation

These projects are expected to be financed by FTA Section 5311 Rural Program public transportation funds, with additional funds from State Transportation Operating Assistance (STOA), and from third party vendors who operate the county’s transportation services on the county’s behalf. The total federal share for operating and capital projects to be requested by the county is up to $2,000,000.

The general public, private bus and taxi companies, other public transportation providers and human service agencies are invited to comment on the county’s application proposal. Interested parties may comment on the project or obtain more details about the project by contacting:

Donna Scanlon
Program Administrator
Oswego County Community Development, Tourism & Planning
46 E. Bridge Street
Oswego, NY 13126

Human service agencies that receive assistance from other federal agencies for non-emergency transportation services are encouraged to participate and coordinate with the provider in the planning, design and delivery of the county’s transportation services. Agencies may obtain copies of the service description and submit proposals for service coordination. Private bus and taxi operators may request copies of the project service description from the above named person and may submit comments on the service as described.

If you wish to comment on any aspect of the proposed project, submit a proposal or a request for service coordination or request a public hearing on this project, you must make your interest known in writing within 15 calendar days of the date of this publication and provide your comments within 15 calendar days of your receipt of the project service description. Your requests and/or comments must be forwarded to the above person.