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To view current exams, continuous recruitment exams and job postings please visit our Exams & Recruitments page. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE APPLYING. It is recommended that you read through the FAQs and Application Guidelines prior to submitting your application. For more information about our exam terminology, please reference the definitions table at the bottom of the page.

The announcement of a civil service exam for county, towns, villages, school districts and special districts does not necessarily mean there are immediate job openings. Rather, exams are given to establish an eligible list of qualified candidates that will be used to fill future job openings as they occur. An eligible list is established for a minimum of one year and up to a maximum of four years.

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Open Competitive - The examination is open to all applicants meeting the minimum qualifications.

Promotional - The examination is open only to those presently employed in a specific job title.

Continuous Recruitment - Refers to those examinations for which applications are accepted on a continuous basis, i.e., there is no deadline by when an application must be received. The examination is held on certain scheduled dates of which you will be notified. The scores for these examinations are filed with existing candidate scores to form a constantly changing eligible list. Your name remains on the list for a period of one year.

Training/Experience - Examination is a method of testing whereby a candidate receives a test score based on the information contained in the submitted application and/or a questionnaire which is sent to eligible candidates. The score is calculated from weights given to various factors of education (training) and experience. Note: There is no written test. The exam is based on an analysis of your training and experience.

Written - The candidate is required to take a written test.

Written/Performance - Examinations are done in two phases. First the candidate is required to take a written test. Second is a performance evaluation.

Application Deadline - The date by which all applications and fees are due for this examination. Please read the application deadline policy on the examination announcement.

Recruitment - A general recruitment for a position that is not currently being tested.