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Department of Real Property Tax Services

2021 Tax Sale Auction: The 2021 Auction will be held online starting Thursday, September 23rd. Details are available on the Oswego County Tax Delinquent Property Auction page.
2021-22 School Taxes: for all school districts except Oswego, tax bills will be mailed in September. The Oswego City School District will mail bills in October. Please read your tax bill carefully for payment options and due dates. Oswego County does not collect any school taxes, please make payment to your school tax collector.
The department of Real Property Tax Services is an administrative agency of Oswego County that is tasked with maintaining county tax maps, geographic information data, and administration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our office also provides services and support to the local assessment community, local governments, and school districts in the administration of assessment rolls and property taxes.

Please note that our office does not set or approve assessments, collect property taxes, or keep records of tax bills or receipts. For those topics please refer to the following agencies:

The New York State Real Property Tax Law, as amended by Chapter 957 of the Laws of 1970 added Article 15A-title one “County Services to Cities and Towns” Article 15A requires that each county (excepting Nassau, Tompkins, Rockland, and the five counties that make up the City of New York) maintain a Real Property Tax Services Agency. The head of the county real property tax services agency is known as the Director of Real Property Tax Services. The director is appointed by the legislative body of the county for a six-year term.

Services provided include: 

  • Maintain tax maps that serve as base maps for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Maintain, implement and administer the GIS system
  • Maintain and produce assessment rolls, tax rolls and tax bills
  • Process applications for corrected tax billings
  • Provide assistance in the enforcement of unpaid taxes (Annual Tax Auction)
  • Provide training for assessors and boards of assessment review members
  • Administer special franchise, utilities and special district tax matters
  • Provide real property tax exemption administration services
  • Administer and maintain the Real Property System (RPS) – NYS software system used by all municipalities in Oswego County
  • Provide advisory appraisals to the county and/or the local assessor
  • Provide assistance to the general public regarding real property tax matters
  • Provide assistance and support to local municipalities in assessment administration matters
  • Serve as the clearing house for the collection and distribution of information relating to the assessment of real property
  • Serve school districts and local municipalities in the preparation of levy and apportionment data
  • Produce and provide “Impact Notices” and Change of Assessment Notices for all municipalities in Oswego County
  • Maintain the RPTS web site with assessment data for consumers and taxpayers

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

46 E. Bridge St.
Oswego, NY 13126
Phone: 315-349-8315
E-mail: Real Property

Our office does not collect taxes. Please contact the County Treasurer for unpaid property taxes.