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 Our Maintenance of Roads and Bridges division provides the following services:

  • Patching, paving, and repairs to roads and shoulders along the county highway system
  • Snow and ice removal from county roads and parking lots including routine benching and hauling snow out of villages when necessary
  • Maintenance and upkeep of approximately 24.35 miles of recreational use trail from the town of Volney to the village of Cleveland
  • Coordination with the county's Emergency Management Department and other state and federal agencies for safety and training exercises involving the nuclear plants
  • Participates in safety and training programs, which includes:
    • CPR
    • First aid
    • CDL
    • Mine safety and health administration
    • Hearing conservation program
  • Bridge repairs and construction on approximately 120 structures
  • Installation of and repairs to guide rail
  • Roadside mowing and brush removal
  • Tree and stump removal within the county's right-of-way
  • Shoulder cutting, roadside ditching, and reshaping of drainage channels
  • Culvert and driveway pipe cleaning
  • Culvert (lateral) replacements
  • Driveway pipe repairs, replacements, and new installations, with completed applications and paid fees
  • Striping and stop bar layout and painting on new and existing county roads and parking lots
  • Roadside sweeping
  • Dead deer removal
  • Mailbox replacement (due to snowplow damage in the winter)
  • Emergency services with snow and ice control, flooding, fires, and requests from 911
  • Refueling emergency 911 radio towers to maintain the county's emergency services network
  • Design, produce and apply county decals to all Oswego County vehicles
  • Assisting other municipalities within the county with their labor and equipment needs
Our Engineering division provides the following services:

  • Design and construction administration of the county's infrastructure (roads, bridges, culverts, and other drainage appurtenances)
  • Surveying of bridge and culvert replacements, gravel pits, 911 radio tower sites (provides topography plans and site mapping, property line stakeout, right-of-way layout)
  • Record keeping of construction plans, maps, and documents
  • Produces copies of aforementioned construction maps, plans, and documents as needed or requested by other county departments and outside consultants and contractors
  • Review engineering plans and documents from consultants on water districts, as well as bridge and culvert rehabilitation and replacement projects
  • Reviews qualifications of engineering consultants in accordance with Federal Local Design Service Agreement standards
  • Reviews permits for oversize and/or overweight loads
  • Reviews permits for utility work
  • Maintains a fueling system for the entire county's fleet of construction and road vehicles

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