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General Information

The Probation Department consists of several divisions; pre-trial release, adult supervision/investigations, juvenile division/investigations and restitution. 

The pre-trial release unit consists of a probation assistant, probation officer and senior probation officer who supervise those released from jail on electronic monitoring as well as pre-trial release without electronic monitoring. For more information on pre-trial release programs, please visit pre-trial release and electronic monitoring

The adult supervision unit consists of two probation assistants and 21 probation officers/senior probation officers who specialize in sex offender supervision, domestic violence cases, driving while intoxicated and ignition interlock cases, warrant cases, and women's cases, as well as general adult supervision cases. Case loads for adult supervision officers and SPO's are broken down by area/conviction category.

The juvenile supervision unit consists of four probation officers/senior probation officers who supervise juveniles and youthful offender cases. Juvenile officers supervise those on intake as well as juvenile supervision and adult supervision for youthful offenders.

The probation department conducts investigations for Certificates of Relief from Disabilities, pre-sentence investigations, pre-plea investigations, custody/visitation and adoptions.

The restitution department consists of two account clerks who are responsible for collecting all restitution for those ordered to pay, regardless of whether or not they are currently on probation supervision.

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