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Court Ordered Probation Supervision: Supervision cases are generally assigned to probation officers based on geographic location. A risk assessment tool is utilized to determine reporting requirements (2x/wk, 1x/wk, 2x/mo, 1x/mo etc.) An initial case plan is developed in collaboration with the probationer to address specific needs. Appropriate referrals to outside agencies and resources may be made including referrals for substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, educational services, financial counseling, etc.

Interim Supervision: In some cases, the court may place a person on interim supervision for up to one year. If the person does well on interim supervision, they may be allowed to withdraw their previous plea and accept a lesser charge. If not successful on interim supervision, they can be returned to court and other sentencing alternatives can be explored.

Courtesy Supervision: Courtesy supervision cases or temporary transfer cases are accepted by our department on a case by case basis. These cases are generally accepted for less than nine months and examples include a probationer attending SUNY Oswego for the semester or a probationer residing temporarily at the Arbor House halfway house.