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Re-Start Oswego County

September 2, 2020 -
Agri-tourism FAQs for COVID-19 Start Up

 June 11, 2020 - Guidance for Re-Opening Phase 3 Industries: Personal Care Services and Restaurants

May 29, 2020 - Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that Oswego County and the Central New York Region are ready to enter Phase 2 of reopening. Businesses should visit to make sure they are in compliance with all the State's new requirements before opening.

From a local business perspective, March 22nd brought the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic to New York State. The Governor’s directive to PAUSE NY was a response that was unforeseen and, for nearly all New Yorker’s, completely unplanned. The closing of non-essential businesses coupled with shelter in place orders for most citizens has created a crisis environment for our economic and social well-being.

If, in the business community luck is defined as “being prepared for and recognizing, the next opportunity.” Then survival/longevity can be described as “being prepared for the next disaster”.

If you haven’t started already, you must decide now how and if your business will be able to survive and remain as a viable operation. This is different than a simple business continuity plan, as the factors that have caused this crisis were out of your control. In this way, the effect that this has had on our business community is very similar to communities who are forced to cope with large scale natural disasters like floods, wildfires and tornados! Many businesses in those communities have been able to bounce back and recover as a result of good self-evaluation and planning.

These are the steps you can follow to re-open your business:
  1. Check the NYS web site to determine when your industry is scheduled to re-open.
  2. Create a written Safety Plan. See this requirement from NYS here.
  3. Consider these suggestions for Planning Your Business Recovery, developed locally by Oswego County CDTP.
  4. Reference these resources for templates and guidance from your industry sector. *
  5. Consider these business resources in your process to re-open: Business Resources from Operation Oswego County, and the Center State CEO Business Toolkit.
  6. New York State FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

*Note, if you are considered a Manufacturing business look on the MACNY web site for resources and guidance on a safe reopening.


Local Covid-19 Health Info:
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