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The Oswego County Clerk's office acts as an acceptance agent when applying for new passports. New applications must be executed by one of the acceptance agents in our office, while passport renewals can be mailed to the passport agency. When coming into our office please allow 15 to 20 minutes to execute your passport. 

New Applicants 
For individuals that have never had a passport before, you must have your passport executed by an acceptance agent. Please fill out the passport application form (DS-11) available in our office or online, one passport photo, your original  birth certificate with the raised seal ( a certified copy will also work), and your drivers license for proof of identification.

We are able to do passport pictures in our office for a $15 fee. 
Applicants under the age of 16 must have both parents present when applying for a passport. 

While we have the applications available and are able to take pictures for renewals, the renewal application will be mailed in by you to the address indicated in the passport renewal application. Please be sure to tell the post office what you are mailing so they can tell you the best way to mail in your renewal. 

All fees will be collected when you apply for your passport. Please be sure to bring a checkbook or certified check/money order for  your passport fees. This check travels with your application to the passport agency.

Passport Service TypePassport Fee Execution Fee (Clerks Fee)Expedite Fee (Optional)
New Passport Book (16 and Over) $110   $35 $60
New Passport Book (15 and Under) $80   $35 $60
Lost or Stolen Passport





$35 $60
Passport Card





$35 $60
Passport Renewal $110     $60

For more passport information go to: