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Delinquent Property Tax Installment Contract Agreements

Installment Contract Agreements

Oswego County offers Installment Agreement Agreements to assist individuals with delinquent property taxes.  You do not need to come to the office to enter into an agreement but it is recommended you obtain delinquent tax information prior to proceeding.  Contact the Oswego County Treasurer's Office at 315-349-8393 or via e-mail at


1)  The Agreement must include all parcels you own, co-own or wish to have considered in an agreement (personal or corporate) that have delinquent property taxes owing.    

2)  The Agreement requires a 25% (twenty-five percent) down payment of the outstanding balance (principal, interest, fees) of all parcels, at the time the agreement is made, to be included in the Agreement.  This 25% down payment must be paid in CASH or CERTIFIED funds and down payment must be made at time of desire to enter into Agreement.

3)  The balance due after the 25% (twenty-five percent)  down payment covers a two year period with a per annum interest rate of 12 % (twelve percent).  The balance due plus applicable interest is divided into 4 (four) payments.  The 4 (four) payments are scheduled in equal amounts due every 6 months until the end of the Agreement. 

4)  During the term of the Agreement:  a)  all payments of the Agreement must be made in full and on time and b) all new tax bills and all tax bills that were not addressed in the Agreement must be paid on time to the appropriate and applicable tax collecting officers (City, Town, Village, School.)

5)  The entire Agreement may be paid in full at any time without pre-payment penalty.  Agreement payments are always due the last day of the month noted however they may be made any time during the month which they are due.  PARTIAL PAYMENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED AND CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED FOR AGREEMENTS.   Consideration for interest is only made if entire agreement is paid off early and in full.

6)  A person is NOT eligible to enter into an Agreement if the person or person(s) entering into the agreement:  a)  owns or co-owns any parcels with delinquent taxes owing that are not eligible to be made part of an Agreement; b)  owns or co-owns any parcels that were part of an Agreement that defaulted within the past 3 (three) years;  c)  defaulted on an Agreement within the past 3 (three) years and/or 4) owned or co-owned any parcels that were foreclosed on within the past 3 (three) years.

7)  If the signed agreement is not returned, the deposit is applied to the newest delinquent taxes first. The potential for immediate foreclosure exists and all agreements and understandings related to the agreement and deposit become null and void.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PERSON WHO ENTERED INTO AN AGREEMENT TO MAKE SURE AGREEMENTS ARE SIGNED, NOTARIZED AND RETURNED TO THE COUNTY TREASURER.  FAILURE TO RECEIVE A SIGNED AGREEMENT DOES NOT INVALIDATE THE AGREEMENT ONCE THE DEPOSIT HAS BEEN MADE.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PERSON WHO ENTERED INTO AN AGREEMENT TO MAKE SURE THEY SECURE A COPY OF THE SIGNED AGREEMENT.  This office is not responsible for US Mail Delivery.

1)  The person who wishes to enter into an agreement contacts the Oswego County Treasurer's Office at 315-349-8393 or via e-mail at to obtain the outstanding balance on the parcel(s) to be included in an Agreement and to receive the initial 25% (twenty-five percent) down payment requirement.   ALL parcels that are delinquent must be included in the Installment Agreement, including both personal and corporate property. The total delinquent tax amount provided for all delinquent parcels is usually good until the end of the month the inquiry was made.  Interest increases the first of each month.

2) The person who wishes to enter into an agreement submits payment to the Oswego County Treasurer's Office of the required 25% (twenty-five percent) down payment and receives a receipt for same.  The down payment may be made in person with cash, or a Certified Funds check may be mailed in with a notation that it is for an Agreement.  If a Certified Fund Check is mailed in, please make sure to include parcel information (tax map number, address of property, owners of property, etc.) to assure funds are applied to the correct property.

3)  An Agreement is prepared for the person entering into an agreement and mailed back via US Postal Mail.  There are 15 (fifteen) days from receipt of the Agreement to sign the Agreement in front of a Notary and then return the signed, notarized Agreement to the Oswego County Treasurer's Office either in person or via postal mail.  The office address is:  Oswego County Treasurer - Agreements, 46 East Bridge Street, Oswego, NY 13126. 

4) .  The bottom of the first page of the returned Agreement provides the payment coupons showing the amount and dates of installment payments required. Coupon payment due date is the last day of the month noted.

5)  Payments of the Agreement may be made in person or a check may be mailed in.  Mailed installment agreement payments should be by check, not cash, and the payment receipt date will be the postmark date of the mailing.   Please include the appropriate coupon with your payment and note on your check the Installment Agreement Number.


Parcel Tax Map ID # (s): _________________________________________________________

Person who entered in the agreement(s) Name:  _______________________________________

Person who entered in the agreement Phone Number:  __________________________________

Person who entered in the agreement Mailing Address:  ________________________________

25 % DEPOSIT MADE:  $_________________   Cash/Certified Check/Money Order  
Individual who made deposit:  ______________________________  Date:  ________________

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