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How to report a fire

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  1. Call from a SAFE PLACE. If you are in a burning structure, GET OUT IMMEDIATELY. Do not try to save valuables, pets, bring extra clothing or report the fire while inside the building. Once you are outside, NEVER RE-ENTER THE BUILDING FOR ANY REASON. One of the greatest causes of loss of life is when people re-enter a burning building. Fire intensifies rapidly and deadly smoke increases in volume at an even faster rate. The fire department personnel are equipped with the training, expertise and equipment to properly conduct a search in the dangerous conditions encountered in a burning building.

  2. Once outside, call 9-1-1 from a cell phone or a neighbor's house. Be certain to provide the public safety telecommunicator/call taker with YOUR address. Remember, you are calling from your neighbor's house and the address is different from yours. Tell the public safety telecommunicator/call taker what is burning, if anyone is inside and where they are located. 

  3. Don't Panic. Speak clearly and slowly. The likelihood for serious consequences increases significantly when people panic and are unable to decide what to do. 

  4. Answer all questions asked by the public safety telecommunicator/call taker. Midway through your call, the fire department will be dispatched. Don't be alarmed when the public safety telecommunicator/call taker instructs you to remain on the line, help is already on the way! 

  5. Listen for instructions. Do exactly what the public safety telecommunicator/call taker says to do. 

  6. Remain on the line. Don't hang up until you are instructed to do so.

If you become trapped in a fire, remember DON'T PANIC. You can take steps to increase your chances of survival until fire fighting personnel arrive.

  • Close all doors between you and the fire. 

  • If you have access to a telephone, call 9-1-1. Provide your name, address and tell the public safety telecommunicator/call taker that you are trapped in a burning building. Be sure to state your location in the building. Do NOT hang up, the public safety telecommunicator/call taker will remain on the telephone with you until the fire department arrives. 

  • Place blankets, pillows, etc. at the bottom of the door between you and the fire to prevent smoke from entering the room. Remain near a window if one is available. Scream and wave a sheet or other object out the window when you see fire fighters, they'll be looking for you.

Fire Safety Tips:

  • Post your house number where it can be clearly seen from the street. It's the law!

  • Have an escape plan complete with a designated meeting place.

  • Maintain several smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the home.

  • Maintain good electrical wiring and don't overload circuits.

  • Keep kitchen appliances clean and in good working order.

  • Never smoke in bed.

  • Practice fire safety every day!