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Economic Development and Planning

This committee shall deal with all matters pertaining to the County Offices: Tourism and Public Information, Housing, Mobility Management, Planning and Community Development, and Workforce Development

  • The economic growth and industrial development of Oswego County, including all Federal and State grants pertaining to economic and industrial development and expansion and assistance for small businesses in Oswego County.
  • The development and promotion of tourism in Oswego County, including administration of the state tourism matching funds program.
  • The Tourism Advisory Council, serving as a liaison between the Council and the Legislature.
  • Comprehensive planning, land use, zoning referrals, environmental management and assistance to local governments in Oswego County.
  • The housing and Rental Assistance Programs.
  • The transportation and Mass Transit Assistance programs.
  • The County Planning Board and Regional Planning Board and serve as liaison between the respective Boards and the Legislature.
  • The development and promotion of agriculture, extension services, conservation, natural resources, wildlife and rural resources.
  • The following agencies: Operation Oswego County; Industrial Development Agency; Small Business Extension Service; the Tourism Promotion and Development Agency; Central New York Regional Planning and Development Agency; Central New York Regional Transportation Authority and other transportation assistance programs; Environmental Management Council; Cooperative Extension, and Soil and Water Conservation District.