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Government, Courts and Consumer Affairs

This committee shall deal with all matters pertaining to: County Departments - Board of Elections, County Clerk, Real Property, Weights and Measures, Clerk of the Legislature, County Attorney, County Legislature, Office of the Chairman, Family Court Attorney's Office and Assigned Counsel Program;

  • The Rules of procedure of the Legislature and its Committees, and such Rules as shall be necessary for the conduct of county business;
  • State or Federal legislative action which is or may be of interest to the County of Oswego that is not within the jurisdiction of any other standing committee;
  • All municipal governments, both within the County and those governments seeking interaction with the County;
  • Oversight of long term planning for County services, including, but not limited to, the creation, consolidation, and elimination of County departments and matters affecting the county's organizational structure;
  • The issues of hydropower and energy;
  • The County's liability insurance program.
  • The Jury Board and Supreme Court Library Board, and serve as the liaison between the respective Boards and the Legislature,
  • The intergovernmental relationship between the State and County court systems and the Legislature;
  • Matters concerning the sale and acquisition of County lands, other than tax-delinquent parcels.
  • Preparing and maintaining tax maps, advising assessors on preparation and maintenance of assessment rolls, correction of assessment rolls, equalization rates, making advisory appraisals of property and assisting city and town assessors; the disposition and sale of real property acquired in the county tax sales;
  • Review and resolve problems as may arise relative to Assessment Administration such as exemptions, errors of essential fact, refunds, researching title, and authorizing purchasing of delinquent tax parcels by municipalities where the threat of liability exists;
  • The Motor Vehicles Office;
  • Authorized agencies that are not specifically assigned to another standing committee.