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Office of the Oswego County Treasurer                                     Kevin L. Gardner, County Treasurer 
46 E. Bridge St., Oswego, New York 13126                               Brian Twiss, Deputy County Treasurer
Phone:  315-349-8393                                                                Fax: 315-349-8255
General Email address:           
Email for W9's, Vendors, Invoicing:
Email for Certificate of Residencies:
Winter Hours:     9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Summer Hours:  8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

The office is closed on major national holidays.
Tax Information Returned to our office:
You may view information on taxes returned to Oswego County on Total Collection Solutions.  

Log in using the following information:
Username: oswego-public       Password: public     

Directions for using the Total Collection Solution web site

If the property you are reviewing shows a balance of zero or is completely blank, the property may not have any delinquent tax bills.  Unpaid September School Taxes are automatically relevied on to the January Town/County Tax Bill.

Online Payments:
To pay taxes due in our office, please click on the
  xpress pay log in
You can pay using credit card or e-check(additional convenience fee).

Online payment may not be made on foreclosed properties or installment agreements

In Oswego County, taxes related to property are issued as follows and payment is usually due within 30 days without interest or penalties:    January 1st -  Town/County Taxes,  September 1st - School District Taxes , City/Village - have their own fiscal year and process tax bills accordingly.   The Oswego County Treasurer's Office ONLY collects payment for delinquent taxes.  Current property tax and school tax bills are paid at the respective local municipality or school district. 

Current property tax bills may be obtained from the following link:  CURRENT PROPERTY TAX & SCHOOL TAX BILLS

The Oswego County Delinquent Taxes site allows access to the same tax information that the office staff has.  You may check current tax payment status, delinquent tax installment contracts and outstanding property tax balances on property.  The Oswego County Treasurer's Office is not interfaced with local municipalities or school districts. If you access a property and no information appears, the property tax bill may not be delinquent yet and is still at another municipality or school district; or the tax bill may have been paid in full at the respective municipality or school district. Only delinquent taxes are submitted to the Oswego County Treasurer.

Additional property data is also available at:  OSWEGO COUNTY IMAGEMATE.  Click on public access.  The ImageMate (IM) site will provide information as collected from the local municipal Assessor, ownership history, comparable properties reporting and available historical tax information.

REQUESTS FOR INSTALLMENT CONTRACT ON DELINQUENT TAXES:  For contract balance inquiries and requirements of delinquent tax installment contracts,  please contact our office directly by phone (315)349-8393 or by e-mail.  Deposits for establishing an installment contract are only accepted in CASH or BANK CERTIFIED FUNDS. We do not accept credit cards or personal checks for the initial deposit.  Further information is available here: DELINQUENT PROPERTY TAX INSTALLMENT CONTRACT AGREEMENTS


CERTIFICATE OF RESIDENCEApplications are processed ONLINE!  Further information is available here: CERTIFICATE OF RESIDENCE.   Applications for Certificates of Residence will not be accepted for review until 60 days before start of class date.  For example, if your class starts  01/25/2022, the first day you may apply for a Certificate is 11/26/2021.  The internet link for the online Certificate of Residence application is:  CERTIFCATE OF RESIDENCE ONLINE

OCCUPANCY TAX:   Registration and Quarterly Returns are processed ONLINE!  All parties who rent rooms in Oswego County must register with the Oswego County Treasurer's Office.  Further information is available here: OCCUPANCY TAX INFORMATION.  The internet link for registering, updating information and submitting quarterly occupancy tax is:  OCCUPANCY TAX ONLINE

PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTIONS AND ASSESSMENTS ON PROPERTY:  Your local municipal Assessor establishes the Assessment Value of your Property, reviews and processes eligible property exemptions, assists with the processing of Enhanced STAR and schedules appointments for property tax grievance day.  ALL PROPERTY EXEMPTIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY MARCH 1ST EACH YEAR through your local Municipal Assessor (or NYS if related to STAR.)  Grievance Day is usually the 4TH TUESDAY OF MAY EACH YEAR and is filed on NYS Form RP-524.  Further information related to Grievance is available at :NYS Grievance Procedures.  Please contact your local municipality or Assessor and confirm grievance day and time as they are subject to change per municipality.   The Oswego County Assessor Contact List is available hereOSWEGO COUNTY ASSESSOR CONTACT LIST

NYS STAR AND ENHANCED STAR PROGRAMS:  NYS offers STAR and Enhanced STAR options.  The BASIC STAR option is eligible only through NYS at NYS STAR PROGRAM.   The Enhanced STAR is available through NYS or through your local municipal Assessor.  STAR and Enhanced STAR exemption application deadline is March 1st each year.  In the 2020 NYS Budget, it was enacted that BASIC STAR BENEFITS WILL BE DENIED to property owners who are delinquent on their County, Town, Village, City or School property taxes for more than one year.   All delinquent taxpayers who are behind on their property taxes and all delinquent installment contract holders who are behind on their payment schedules must bring their accounts current with the Oswego County Treasurer's Office by MAY 15TH EACH YEAR to keep their STAR exemption or STAR credit.   If you pay your taxes late but pay your taxes in full (becoming current), you may become eligible to get BASIC STAR in the future year.  If you become eligible again, you may be converted from STAR exemption to STAR credit by NYS and then will receive a STAR check.  Once a taxpayer loses their STAR from the school tax bill, the taxpayer can only receive a STAR check with future eligibility.  All inquiries regarding STAR and ENHANCED STAR should be directed to the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance.  Their phone number is 518-457-2036 and their normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. More information may be obtained at:

SPECIAL RESEARCH REQUESTS: Tax information may be requested by selecting the Tax Information Request Form. Please include your email on the request as communications regarding processing time and fees due will be communicated in that fashion.

PANDEMIC/COVID:  Due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and to further promote social distancing, the Oswego County Treasurer's Office has implemented the following protocols for essential operation.  The public is encouraged to utilize online resources and to mail-in documents.  

  • In person services will be limited to on person in the office at a time.
  • Postmark date will be accepted as date received by this office unless there is a foreclosure or state deadline.
  • The public is encouraged to continue to utilize our online X-PRESS PAY to make payments on most recent delinquent taxes and or mail in payments via postal mail.  
  • Tax payments and installment contract regular payments may be made with a personal check submitted through postal mail. Please include contact information - phone number, e-mail, etc. Payment will not be accepted for Foreclosed properties.
  • Certificates of Residence will be accepted only via the online application.    
  • E-mails may be sent to:

Your cooperation, patience and understanding is appreciated.

       *  Chief Fiscal Officer per NYS County Law and the NYS Constitution
       *  Custodian of county funds and manages county financial investment practices
       *   Property tax collection and management, conducts county tax-property auctions
       *   Installment agreements on delinquent property taxes - appointments are recommended
      *    Community College OSWEGO COUNTY CERTIFICATE OF RESIDENCE application and information
      *    Management and collection of OSWEGO COUNTY OCCUPANCY TAX
      *    Establishes vendors and manages Electronic Transfer Fund activity for same - Vendor Electronic Funds Transfer Applications
      **  The County Treasurer may be assigned as an Estate Public Administrator

       *  change your property tax address information or mailing information
ask general questions regarding your assessment and exemptions (contact your OSWEGO COUNTY ASSESSOR LIST for detailed information)
       *  information on parcel location, tax map information, parcel splits or merges
       *  information on information on the OSWEGO COUNTY ANNUAL PROPERTY TAX AUCTION

    • legally change the name on a deed
    • receive a copy of a deed and/or map
    • obtain a passport
    • obtain an application for a pistol permit
    • file and/or obtain a copy of a Veteran's Discharge Papers
    • apply for a DBA (Doing Business As)
    • obtain Notary Public information
FOIL REQUESTS <<<  are processed through this link.