Brief Micron Survey Means a Big Return for Local Communities

Feb. 9, 2024

The Micron Community Engagement Committee (CEC) is still looking for local input. Residents are encouraged to go online and complete a short survey to let the committee know what their community priorities are.

“This survey is so important because the responses received will help decide what happens with the millions of dollars Micron plans to invest across the Central New York region,” said Dave Turner, director of the Oswego County Office of Strategic Initiatives. “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity that could have tremendous benefits for communities across Oswego County. Now is the time for residents to make their voices heard – and make the most out of this historic investment.”

Go to and scroll down to click on the “Take Our Survey” link. The first question will direct participants to either Phase 1 or Phase 2 of the survey. Each section takes less than five minutes to complete.

Key priorities identified so far in Phase 1 include housing, education, workforce development, community infrastructure and neighborhood investment. Phase 2 asks people to identify the projects they believe are the most important in these areas, as well as in health and child care, transportation, utilities and natural resources, quality of place and various types of businesses.

“We encourage our residents to participate in both phases of this survey,” Turner added. “The Micron Community Engagement Committee will create an investment plan based on the responses it receives from the survey and we want to ensure that Oswego County is well-represented with the priorities we hold to be most important.”

Micron is planning to invest $100 billion in the Central New York region over the next 20 years, which includes the creation of nearly 50,000 jobs and a $500 million Community Investment Fund across the region.

As part of this historic agreement, the Micron CEC was established to work with community leaders and develop a list of priorities which will serve as a guiding strategy to ensure positive and meaningful progress across the region.

To complete the survey, find other opportunities to get involved or sign up for email updates, visit at To learn more about the economic impact of this important opportunity, go to